Robert C. Griffin Camp Staff Scholarship

Each Year, staff members of Cub World, Camp Friedlander, and Community Camp have the opportunity to apply for the Robert C. Griffin Camp Staff Scholarship. The scholarship’s purpose is to retain older staff. More information can be found in the application.

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Note: The Alumni Association coordinates the scholarship process but does not fund the scholarship.

Past Recipients

2017 Recipient – Matthew Waldeck

2018 Recipient – Lauren Taylor

2019 Recipient – Ben Moore

2020 Recipient – Duncan Ullrey

2021 Recipient – Zachary Hollandsworth

About Robert C. “Bob” Griffin

Bob was the first vice-mayor of Evendale and served on the village council for many years. He had many interests including being the past president of the Bond Hill Presbyterian Young Member Group; he was in charge of the Presby USA National Conference in Cincinnati in the early 1950’s, as well as heading the youth program at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church. Bob put his degree in civil engineering to use in the family business, doing excavating, blacktopping and supervising construction projects. He was the president of the Greater Cincinnati Orchids Society and organized their first show at Krohn Conservatory. He was a member of the Evendale Historical Society. He and his sister donated the land for the Griffin Family Nature Preserve. In 1950, a group of community leaders in Evendale approached Bob and told him he was to be the first scoutmaster of the new troop. He was only 25 years old but had been the Valedictorian at his high school, served two years in the Army. That recruiting effort all those years ago turned into a Scouting journey that lasted over 60 years. Bob received numerous local and national awards from the Boy Scouts, recognizing him for all his work with youth. It was Bob who had the vision to create a statue of Dan Beard which stands in front of the Dan Beard Council office in Evendale.

Bob personally funded the Camp Staff Scholarship until he passed. He gifted the council enough money to ensure that the interest from it would continue to fund the scholarship each year. That’s sustainability planning right there!

Bob loved the camp staff and Camp Friedlander. You can find his name on the Eagle’s Nest and the Camp Friedlander Administration Building.