Development handles improvement initiatives that benefit the camps and the camp staffs.

Past improvements have included:

Year Improvement Camp
2017 AV equipment for Handicraft programs Camp Friedlander
2017 AV equipment for Admin Building/Staff area Cub World
2017 Projector for Program Building Camp Craig
2018 AV equipment for basement of Program Building Camp Craig
2018 Picnic Tables for staff areas Camp Friedlander
2019 Camp History Book & Video (in progress) Camp Friedlander
2019 WiFi reaching all Friedlander staff cabins Camp Friedlander
2019 Shelter on staff row Camp Friedlander


If you would like to contribute financially to support improvement projects, please reach out to the VP of Development at

Feel free to suggest camp improvements as well. They will be added to the idea factory.


Picnic tables: