Activities and Events

Upcoming events


Date Name Description Time Location
6/15 Summer Social Hour Join us for a Social Hour at 50 West Brewing, celebrating the start of the summer season 3pm – 7pm 50 West Brewing
7/20 Kayaking Enjoy a nice summer afternoon paddling down the Little Miami 1pm 50 West
8/24 Alumni Picnic at the Friedlander Homecoming The annual alumni picnic will be held during the Camp Edgar Friedlander Homecoming event, celebrating the 100th anniversary. The picnic will also host a business meeting of the association and the annual elections. TBD Camp Friedlander
9/14 Service Day Take on a service project to improve the camp! TBD Camp Friedlander
10/5 Peterloon Help staff Peterloon (as requested) and run a promotion booth for the DBCCSAA 9-5 Dan Beard Scout Reservation
10/18 – 10/19 Nightnmare before Spook-o-Ree Join Alumni as we camp out in Cub World, and then pitch in Saturday morning for any last minute set-up needed for the Spook-o-ree; staff the event on 10/19 8pm Cub World
11/9 Camp Conservation Day Join us as we provide service to the camp by planting trees and taking on conservation projects, setting an example for others. Lunch is provided. 9am – 2pm Camp Friedlander
1/4/2020 Winter Banquet Alumni will host the camp staff annual winter banquet 4pm – 6pm Camp Friedlander Dining Hall
January Winter Social Hour Come join friends and network! TBD TBD